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What to do Before Fermenting at Home

What To Do Before Fermenting At Home  Maybe you’ve wanted to ferment, but think,  “This seems risky. There are so many things that could go wrong. Why should I make fermented food, rather than just buying it at the store?” Kimchi, sauerkraut, miso…These are just... read more

10 Probiotic Promises Debunked

Are you throwing away the money you spend to help your gut? Fermented foods are everywhere these days—in the news, scientific studies, online, at big supermarkets, and even gourmet restaurants are catering to people’s love of ferments and their desire for their... read more

Why our ancestors didn’t need probiotic pills…

While medical centers have evolved and remedies can easily be purchased for pretty much any health concern, the overall health of humans today is much lower in comparison to our ancient predecessors. It seems ironic, right? In a world of vitamin gummy bears, Clorox... read more

The Dark Side to Kombucha

Pros and Cons of this Magical Drink Kombucha—fermented tea created from a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeasts (SCOBY)—is commonly hyped up as being a magic elixir. Regular consumers claim this tea potion aids weight loss and digestion, serves as an anti-aging... read more

How To Avoid Moldy Ferments & Other Dangers

I’m a firm believer in fermentation—proper and appropriate fermentation, that is. When made right, raw, unpasteurized ferments can restore balance in your gut, right belly issues, give your immune system a fighting chance, bring you to your ideal weight, and more.... read more

Miso Magic: Probiotics & Benefits of this Ancient Ferment

Why You Need to Eat Miso Daily You’ve drank it with sushi. Maybe you’ve even made the most outrageously tasty salad dressing with it. And if you’re really wild, you’ve even made this culinary delight yourself. I’m talkin’ bout miso. In all it’s lip-smackin’,... read more

Why can’t anyone agree on what the microbiome is?

Learn Top Recommended Fermented Food for Healing the Gut Get the eBooklet mailed straight to your inbox! Get it FREE Now! Just let me know where I should send this free ebooklet. We’re dealing with a health crisis, my friends. There is a worldwide rise in gut-based... read more

Lacto-fermented Foods 101

How Lactic Acid In Fermented Foods Keeps The Body Happy I don’t go a single day without eating lacto-fermented vegetables. They keep my immune system boosted (I get a cold less than once a year), give energy to think more clearly so I can kick butt in my business,... read more