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How to Make Kefir

  • Why this dairy-free beverage is one of the most healing foods—but only if you make it yourself
  • How to make apricot fizzy kefir that’s as delicious as it is probiotic
  • The little-known trick one of my past Fermentationists discovered to never running out of your kefir grains!

Learn how to make dairy kefir and non-dairy kefir that you can turn into a tasty vegan sour cream that you can eat with crackers. Kefir has probiotics, inoculates the digestive tract, and can help you digest milk products. Industrial kefir uses a powdered starter culture that don’t have the same as probiotic benefits as the kind you make yourself. Get the best tips for how to make your kefir grains thrive, batch after batch. Like what you saw on this video? There are 11 more free videos for your probiotic pleasure!

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