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What You Get When You Join

The entire experience is guided and designed to accommodate those with a different learning styles and busy schedules. The training is delivered via audios, handouts, protocols, recommended readings, online forums, as well as live calls. All students will complete an intake form, click here.

Get Started Immediately: The Foundations of Creating Health

Upon acceptance to the FCP you’ll have immediate access to the bonuses and the first module of training materials so you can start making ferments right away!

11 weekly Training Modules ($4400 value)

Learn to prepare all the most healing fermented foods!

You’ll learn the science of fermentation, probiotics, and specific healing protocol for each of the fermented foods. From lacto-fermentation to kefir, natto, nut cheese, injera, idlis, yogurt, sourdough, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, apple-cider vinegar, wine vinegar, pickles, and miso. You’ll learn a variety of bacterial, yeast, and mold ferments, as well as anaerobic and aerobic fermentation methods. Included in each weekly module is a how-to video demonstration by Summer.

The Digital FCP Handbook

Each fermentation module includes step-by-step written instructions, tells you which people should be eating each particular ferment for maximum healing benefits, and which ferments are contraindicated for certain conditions.

You’ll get recipes and resources AND all the tricks of the trade as well as some of the secrets discovered within the FermentationistTM program—like special insider tips on how to make dairy kefir grains reproduce rapidly.

Each handbook details the specific strains of probiotics present in each ferment. You’ll also get an audio version of the FCP Handbook so you can listen to it and learn while you commute or exercise.

Fermentation Supply List (priceless!!!)

We take the legwork out of searching and shopping for the ferments you’ll be making. You will get a supply list to use as a guide to access your very own starters, cultures, personal sized crocks, miso starter, kombucha SCOBY, kefir grains, and more.

4 live group implementation sessions with Summer ($3,200 value)

We’ll meet monthly to answer questions and talk about the science. The support you will get from hearing others’ questions and bravely sharing your own struggles will help you grow in your life and in your business! Accountability, tracking, and 24/7 support (priceless!!!)

Unlike the rest of the online programs where you can get lost in the virtual shuffle, this program includes full support to track your progress, provide regular feedback, and keep you on track towards certification – This is a higher learning experience!

Private Facebook Forum (PRICELE$$)

Get continuous peer support about your ferments anytime in this bubbly and active community. Moderated by certified Fermentationists! Get inspired, post pictures of your ferments, and connect with your people!

Business Building Intensive ($1850 value)

These intensives are designed to give you an overview of two different business structures. Learn what it takes to run a multi-six-figure online business as a wellness practitioner. And if food production is your thing, learn what you need to start a fermented foods company. I’ll talk about the organizational structure, why a CSA is great, as well as the fundamentals on how to create program offerings, and how to run a business.

Expert archives($1997 value)

In these recorded interviews, you’ll hear from different experts on the topics of fermentation, probiotics, business building, gut health, herbalism, and more! Experts include Donna Gates, Sandor Katz, Kristen Domingue, Andrea Nakayama, Alexandra Jamieson, Lara Adler, Yuri Elkaim, and other successful industry leaders.

2 Brand New Intensives! (Each a $1297 value)

The Live Bonus Intensives are a dedicated chance to get an in-depth understanding of two essential topics. These optional classes are mix of lectures, hot seats, and demonstrative coaching, perfect for health coaches and those who want to sell value added products.

Discounts On Future Programs & Events

Special FermentationistTM-only discounts on future workshops, classes, and other yet to be released goodies!


For years this program was offered for $6,500, but we have redesigned it, streamlined it, and reduced the tuition to make it accessible to more people.