Certified Fermentationists™ share their experiences

Our grads use fermented foods as a tool for healing the body from the root of most disease — the gut.

(Now that’s symbiosis!)


Real healing doesn’t come in bottles. It comes when the microbiome is powerful enough to do its job by keeping everything in working balance like humans were designed to do…and did do for years before stress as a default lifestyle mode, foods that do more harm than good, and the oh-so-well-meaning antibiotics industry came along… And before we lost the centuries-old tradition of using fermented foods with every meal.



Certified Fermentationist™
Rochelle McDonald says…

“I’m loving this program! Especially love the sense of community and really feeling connected to likeminded individuals. Sharing our experiences with each other has been fantastic.”

Certified Fermentationist™
Rachael Smith says…

“I have thought a lot about this as it is truly fast and furious. I love that I have incorporated so many fermented foods into my life, and that I have the knowledge to help others do the same! I have also loved the support of this community, it truly is uplifting and inspirational!!”

Certified Fermentationist™
Glenda Pitman says…

“Feeling the love Summer Bock and seeing what a crazy blessing it is to have all the resources and knowledge you have put out in the world and to be part of this amazing group who i felt confident to yell out to for a boost and they delivered. PRICELESS!!! Thanks again superstar”

Certification Program

Certified Fermentationist™
Jenny Pandol shared…

“I think it’s cool everyone’s so enthusiastic. It was really helpful to see what people were doing and how they were dealing with issues that were coming up for them. I think that was definitely a motivation. Having that group, I think is crucial.”

Certified Fermentationist™
Rochelle McDonald shared…

“I think that the whole herb thing, you guys are also knowledgeable about herbs. That’s really peaked an interest. I really am interested in how you always in Gut Rebuilding, talk about bitters and things like that, even though that’s not really fermentation, just as far as bettering my health, that really peaked my interest. It just started piquing all these different things.”

Certified Fermentationist™
Jan Weihmann shared…

“People seem to have embraced what you’re doing … they seem to be appreciative of all that’s going on. It’s the most active Facebook page I’ve ever been on. To put in a comment and then come back an hour later and there’s eight new posts and so much going on and three people said something, that’s a really neat component. I don’t know that I’ve seen that in any other program I’ve ever been on Facebook certainly. It’s just a really positive use of a social media tool like that. It’s so awesome.”

Excited? So are we!

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