I’m a Master
Herbalist and Health Coach

…who guides people to experience a deeper level of healing.

My mission is to radically improve people’s health and empower them to revolutionize our ‘culture’ using delicious, local, and healthy food.

My mission is also to create a culture where true healing is easily accessible.
Despite the fact that healing foods are ten thousand centuries old, the big wellness and health coaching programs lag behind when it comes to fermentation and gut ecology. I’ve learned these in-demand skills through years of higher education, personal experience, running my own award-winning sauerkraut company, and through working with hundreds of clients personally and over 65,000 people through my emails and blog. I’m now making this powerful healing knowledge available to you.

I studied pre-med at The Evergreen State College. The science programs and laboratory studies are graduate level – we had access to machines and devices that undergrads rarely get to touch! At the end of my studies I decided that I didn’t want to write prescriptions and veered towards nutrition. At Evergreen you can write ‘contracts’ which are self-directed programs overseen by a professor. I studied the propagation of Rhizopus oligosporus, which is the mold that makes tempeh – a bean ferment we cover in the FermentationistTM Certification Program. I bought a ton of unique textbooks on microbiology, fermentation, and industrial food production. I also (excessively) researched the gut microbiome (and continue to do so). I also researched other starter cultures and used these ‘contracts’ to get a second bachelor’s degree in science.

Upon graduation, I started a gourmet sauerkraut company. We won 3 national awards for our tasty ferments. While starting the company and getting our kitchen certified, I used my science background and access to scientific research to educate the health inspector so he would approve our kitchen for commercial production. He had a lot of hesitations about the process and safety of fermentation. Sharing the scientific studies with him that showed no documented cases of food poisoning in regards to sauerkraut, we were able to get certified. I have since sold my interest in the company and focus solely on educating and coaching.

I trained with Sandor Katz after my mom sent me his first book


At the core I am a healer.

But I am also very logical and analytical. Therefore, I have combined these aspects in the program to give you access to the important scientific studies that ‘prove’ the effectiveness of fermented foods while still using my gut instinct to guide me in the use of these foods that have been utilized for thousands of years.

Where you might have seen me:

I’ve been interviewed on many podcasts and telesummits. Some of my favorites include: The Microbiome Summit, Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey, Fat Burning Man with Abel James, The Heal Your Gut Summit with Dr. Josh Axe and Donna Gates, The Future of Nutrition Summit with Marc David and Emily Rosen, The Health Bridge with Dr. Sara Gottfried and Pedram Shojai, The Anti-Anxiety Summit with Trudy Scott, and many more.

I’ve gotten a chance to present at some incredible live events such as Wanderlust, Breitenbush Herbal Conference, and The Weston A. Price Foundation International Conference on the topics of fermentation and gut rebuilding. And I’m on Netflix I walked into my neighborhood juice bar and the owner yelled, “I saw you on Netflix last night!” He watched “Origins” by Well.org where I taught fermentation and talked about friendly bacteria.

And here’s the professional version 😉

Summer Bock,

Summer guides people to experience a deeper level of healing. She teaches how to radically improve people’s health by making their belly better. A skilled herbalist with a background in microbiology, she is certified in Integrative Nutrition through Columbia University and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Alongside the yearlong FermentationistTM Certification Program, Summer has created an avid following with her signature programs The Probiotic Power Cleanse and Gut Rebuilding. Her mission is to create a culture where true gut healing is easily accessible. She is a three-time Good Food AwardTM winner for her sauerkraut recipes.