Fermented Foods 101 with Summer Bock, Fermentationist™

The Step-by-Step “How-To” for Creating the 12 Healthiest Fermented Foods on the Planet

There’s a difference between fermented foods you buy at the store and fermented foods you make yourself. A BIG difference.

Raw fermented foods have the power to revive and restore like no other foods.

But the problem with store-bought ferments is that you don’t know exactly how they were made. Many are made in plastic which leaches endocrine disruptors. Or they may say that they are teeming with live cultures when in fact, they have been flash pasteurized. Most fermented foods you buy in the store are made using industrial food processing methods that do not emulate the traditional ways that transforms food into glorious gut rebuilding goodness. Plus, they are expensive.

Now imagine for a minute the difference between a store bought ferment with questionable labeling, production, and shipping practices and a small batch ferment that you KNOW contains the highest quality probiotics.

Which do you think tastes better? Which do you think provides all the promised health benefits?

Mine do. I’ve worked for over a decade at making the tastiest and healthiest foods rich in probiotics. And when you learn my techniques for making them yourself, you’ll be able to make ferments at home that taste better than anything you can buy at the store.

On your first few attempts to make it yourself, you risk mold, mistakes, and failures. After one ruined batch most people just give up and miss out on all the probiotic potential!

The truth is that making fermented foods isn’t difficult, time consuming, or dangerous — if you have someone walk you through the best recipes, tricks of the trade, and techniques.

You need someone who has done all the legwork for you.

That’s where I come in. I’ve asked all the questions, done the research, and figured out the best foods for you to make at home. I read textbooks on industrial fermentation, microbial endocrinology, and gut ecology. I read the latest research on probiotics contained in fermented foods and know everything they can do for you.

I started my own three-time award winning gourmet sauerkraut company with only $21 in my pocket. I got my bachelor’s of science degree with a focus on Microbiology. I healed my own gut with fermented foods. I am the founder and head instructor of the Fermentationist™ Certification Program.

But most importantly I have taught tens of thousands of people to turn their kitchens into a probiotic factory.

There’s no one with more hands on experience using fermented foods for healing. I know the gut. I know fermented foods.

And I want to teach you exactly what you need to know to make these at home. I’m going to spare you the intense science and details. I’ll get straight to the point and show you how to make these ferments so you can get started right away.

My customers have made it clear that there is a need for an affordable fermentation program. I’ve pulled out the most important “how-to” components from the Fermentationist Certification Program so you can get these ferments brewing in your house right now. Not everyone needs a certification, but they do want to know how to make these probiotic-rich foods.

Introducing: Fermented Foods 101

This training program includes:

  • Step-by-Step instructions for the 12 most healthy ferments so you can get food-based probiotics into your gut
  • Recipes and variations so you can make flavorful ferments your whole family will like
  • How-to videos for each ferment so you can watch me make it and follow the process yourself
  • Bonus videos to teach you how to avoid mold, make a tasty brine, and make your own recipes

This online program is for:

  • The do-it-yourselfer who loves being competent and self-sustainable
  • The home cook who likes exploring flavor and interesting foods to delight their friends
  • The healer who loves knowing exactly which foods to integrate into their diet for the most health impact
  • The parent who wants to nourish the microbiome of their children so they don’t get sick as often and are given the advantage of growing up with a competitive advantage
  • The person who wants to save hundreds of dollars a year on store-bought ferments that don’t work half as well

What you get in the
Fermented Foods 101 program:

(everything is downloadable)

  • Step-by-Step instructions ($47 value)
  • Recipes and variations ($47 value)
  • Fifteen how-to videos ($450 value)
  • TIME-SENSITIVE BONUS: If you decide to participate today, you get Say Hello To My Little Friends — Probiotic Webinar Series ($197 value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $741

You can have access to all of this information to spark your journey into fermentation for the equivalent to 16 jars of sauerkraut from Whole Foods.

Your shot at all things probiotic!

What you will learn to make:

Lacto-Ferments with Sauerkraut



Apple Cider Vinegar

Red and White Wine Vinegar

Pickles & Brine



Non-Dairy Cheese




Kefir (Dairy and Water)

Bonus Training!

I’m also including the entire series:

"Say Hello to My Little Friends!—An in depth training on current probiotic theories, gut microbiology, and fermented foods"

7 bonus webinars, transcripts, and audios for FREE when you purchase Fermented Foods 101

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Fermented Foods Are The Key To Digestion

Fermented foods are delicious and for some that’s enough of a reason to eat them. But they also contain probiotics — the microscopic bacteria that regulate the body and keeps moods stable, weight down, digestion regular, and inflammation at bay.

Yet people’s guts are missing these probiotics and are swollen, inflamed, leaky, and sad from antibiotic abuse, high-stress, emotional pressure, and decades of processed, industrialized, chemicalized, and dead foods.

There are studies that show that every time you take antibiotics, you make it more difficult to restore native gut habitat with a balance of flora. I want to teach you how to take the proper steps so that you can prevent chronic gut based illness such as diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disorders, allergy, asthma, and all these other crazy things that are associated with having the wrong bacteria growing in your gut.

When you participate in Fermented Foods 101, you’ll learn the foods that help resolve these issues while incorporating these ancient traditions in your daily diet. You’ll also get a bonus webinar series that will help you make better choices about which probiotics to take, which ferments you make are best for belly health, and what to do after taking antibiotics.

Summer is a natural educator. Her educational background is impressive and she is in full command of her facts. Her casual approach is inviting and the information nothing short of life-saving.

— Lori Lively, Event Coordinator at Marlene’s Market - Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for your webinar series. I am so excited to be here and grateful for all the information you are sharing. I know I will gain a great deal of information about gut health from your discussions which will ultimately help me.

— Sara

Hi Summer! I am so thrilled to hear all of this information. I was on 2 months of doxycycline in Jan and Feb of this year—recommended for Lyme disease, even though my original tick bite/ illness was in 2002. (I was not diagnosed until recently). After 2 months of the antibiotics and the realization that my strong gut was becoming destroyed—the symptoms I was experiencing while on the doxy are improving, I know I really decimated my gut flora. I am doing all the right things to regenerate and rebuild my microbiome. Thank you for this information.

— Gretchen

Summer Bock, the webinar series is awesome. I had the chance to make it today!! So glad that we will have access to them. You rock!

— Debbie

Thank you SO very much for the summary list of important points of yesterday's webinar and the links. Great info. Thanks for sharing!!

— Mikki

Oh my gosh, Summer is a wealth of knowledge, which is awesome. If you want to learn about fermenting this program gets you a really good base of knowledge about fermentation, the history of fermentation, the science of fermentation, and the use of ferments. It is applicable to health, because we learn so much of the health benefits, too. I think it's so important to learn this information and this program is a great place to do it. You can take this just for yourself even if you don’t have clients. All you really need is an interest in fermentation and the program provides all the rest — enthusiastic & inspiring community that doesn’t let you fall behind, a program that is faced-paced, but doable even with a full-schedule, and easy to follow lessons that give you a solid base for teaching, experimenting with, and building a health coaching practice with a focus on fermented foods to build gut health. The price of the program is totally fair and the payments are really helpful.

— Jenny Pandol, Health Coach, Certified Fermentationist

The Time to Start Fermenting is Now

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2 Payments of $119

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Meet the Founder & Lead Instructor

Summer Bock is an Herbalist & Master Fermentationist™ who guides people to experience a deeper level of healing.

Her mission is to create a culture where true gut healing is easily accessible. She is a three-time Good Food Award™ winner for her sauerkraut recipes.

A skilled herbalist with a background in microbiology, she is certified in Integrative Nutrition through Columbia University and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Alongside the Fermentationist™ Certification Program, Summer has created great health results for her clients with her signature programs The Probiotic Power Cleanse and Gut Rebuilding.

Despite the fact that healing foods are ten thousand centuries old, the big wellness and health coaching programs are behind when it comes to fermentation and gut ecology. Summer learned it through years of higher education, personal experience, regular research, running her own gourmet sauerkraut company (she has since sold her interest in the company, but it continues to thrive), and through years of working with clients. She’s now making this powerful healing knowledge available to you.