Put A Billion Bacteria To Work For You.

Get results for your clients and build a thriving practice for yourself by learning to use fermented foods as a tool for healing the body from the root of most disease — the gut.

(Now that’s symbiosis!)

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What exactly is the FermentationistTM Certification Program?

Besides being fun to say, The FermentationistTM Certification Program is a training program that shows you step-by-step how to make the most healing fermented foods and use them with your clients to heal IBS, asthma, food allergies, low energy, digestive issues–BEYOND probiotic supplements or permanent food elimination. (Okay, okay. We know it’s a mouthful, that’s why we call it the FCP for short.) Download the program details (click Program Details under Explore at the top) to learn every single detail of the program.

Why Do You Need It?

Have you ever had a client come to you once and never come back because you sent them off to purchase more supplements than they can carry? You didn’t become a healer to push pills.

Real healing doesn’t come in bottles. It comes when the microbiome is powerful enough to do its job by keeping everything in working balance like humans were designed to do and did do for years before stress as a default lifestyle mode, foods that do more harm than good, and the oh-so-well-meaning antibiotics industry came along. Oh… and before we lost the centuries-old tradition of using fermented foods with every meal.


Fermented foods don’t just contain probiotics and they don’t just taste good —

…though we love that about them too. The most important thing is that they do good.

Let’s break it down.

“Pro” literally means “for”. As in, pro-peace, pro-healing from the root, pro-health coaches doing their thing full time and making a damn fine living because they’ve got the skills that people want. (Oh, hello feeling better than I’ve felt in years. My, how I’ve missed you!)

“Biotics” means “living organism”. As in the invisible critters found in every batch of raw, unpasteurized fermented vegetable and some other particularly delicious food items out there too.


Not all fermented foods are created equal. Not all of them heal. In fact some can make matters worse.


Are the difference between not knowing if you will send your clients into the land of forever stabbing in the dark… and getting ever so slightly embarrassed at the happy dance they do when you help them when no one else could.


Even more than the most perfect food plan or all the essential oils in the world is what makes clients send you overzealous emails (or are they appropriately zealous?) between sessions because they are seeing the difference your recommendations are making.


Are scientifically proven to work what some would call miracles, though these are not miracles to me. This kinds of turnaround makes complete sense and I see them everyday with my clients and the thousands I’ve worked with.

Once you learn the science and the art of using food to get the BEST probiotics and all the other goodies inside fermented foods like enzymes, bioavailable nutrients, and organic acids, you can nail these kinds of results for your clients and yourself, too.

What Makes The FCP The Best?

Rather than just tell you to use these foods, I’ll actually show you how.

You’ll not only learn the recipes and how to make these crave-worthy foods, you’ll learn the straight up facts on why fermented foods work so well.

The training is delivered via audios, handouts, protocols, live teleclasses, recommended readings, and online forums.

And this isn’t just some training-in-a-box where we hand you the info and say “nice (not) knowing ya! Good luck out there!” Instead you will get access to me in group calls

We give you tools to use in your client sessions, a stock house of scientific articles to back up what you already intuitively know, and even teach you straight up business skills so to make sure you put all your fancy learning to use!

Grow Your Business Virtually or In Person

Set Yourself Apart In A Sea of Health Coaches

Correctly Apply Raw Fermented Foods to Health Concerns

Become Proficient in Teaching Classes Online or In Person to Market Your Practice

Learn to Heal Your Own Health Issues

Permanently Heal the Root Cause of The Most Persistent Digestion-Related Problems

What’s unique about the Fermentation Certification Program besides the science and art of healing with fermentation?

This program sets you up to succeed as a business owner, not just a health coach.

Available now…

#1 Immediate access to the bonuses!

Training Intensives cover topics relevant to business

Access to my Making Fermented Veggies Video Series.

The Gut Rebuilding Handbook – Principle 1 “How to test your pH”

How to Build a Fermented Foods Business – 3+ hours of how to get started

Say Hello to My Little Friends! Webinar Series including the recordings, handouts and transcripts.

I will release new trainings in April. I give you all the resources and answer your questions in these packed business intensives! Not interested in the business side? I have released the first ferment lesson for you to really dig deep into the science with the latest research.


Giving you more ideas on how you can make a huge difference from what recommendations to give your clients, family and friends to tips and tricks to get the most probiotics in your home made ferments.

You’ll learn:

Sandor Katz, of course, I interview the Fermentation Revivalist

Sally Fallon of Weston Price speaks with us about Fermenting.

Get clarity in these 6+ hours of interviews!

Excited? So are we!

Learn more about the FCP curriculum, schedule, and possibilities that await you here — Download the program details to see what the past Fermentationists have done with their certifications and for their clients! More questions? Register here to be the first to know when enrollment opens.